My name is Elisa Leahy and I began the battle against head lice in my own home. After purchasing an over-the-counter kit and going through an extensive (and smelly!) 3-step process to treat my daughter’s hair, I was still finding live lice! A little research taught me so much about Super Lice and the resistance to OTC pesticides. I was also horrified to realize how dangerous these chemicals could be! But what else was there?

After discovering the Absolute Clear products and learning from professional lice removal specialists, I was able to manage the lice, which had now spread to all three of my kids. The weight that lifted off my shoulders when I learned I could treat and prevent this infestation was incredibly freeing. Soon I found I was treating not only my own children, but also their friends, the friends’ parents, neighbors and others from their school community. It is such a pleasure to offers parents a sense of relief and peace of mind. I truly feel that effective treatment gives families back their lives. No more sleepless nights!

I have certification and training from Bernadette’s Absolute Clear.